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Liquidambar represents over 75 artists! Every month we feature an Artist in the Front Gallery. There is a reception on the First Sunday of every month with live music. Every thing is unique and hand-made by talented artists.
Front Gallery
Liquidambar Gallery and Gifts
This is the website for Liquidambar Gallery and Gifts located at 80 Hillsboro, Pittsboro, North Carolina 919-542-1773 gallery, art, paintings, jewelry, steel, clay, pottery, wood, gifts, unique, prints, glass, christmas, fine art, photography Liquidambar is named after the Sweet Gum Tree - Liquidambar styraciflua (other spellings: Liquidamber, Liquid Amber, Liquid Ambar)
We are taking a bit of a holiday. We will be CLOSED from Sunday, June 24 thru Tuesday, August 9th. We will REOPEN on Wednesday, Aug 10th.
Randi Honeycutt’s paintings are available to purchase until August 27th!